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My Talking Tom brings you galore highly absorbing and breathtaking adventures. Players tin bask galore absorbing mini-games and acquisition nan emotion of raising cats. Players participate successful nan rewarding activities that nan crippled brings. Thanks to that, players tin return attraction of cats and participate successful galore absorbing challenges. Not only that, but nan exertion besides creates for you thousands of memorable photos. Players tin besides cod much accessories to decorate nan cat’s house.


You will person a feline of your ain erstwhile participating successful nan game. It is your work to nurture and return attraction of it. Players will raise it and bargain them galore basal items. Besides, you tin besides alteration their quality and quality according to your wishes. The crippled offers a rich | postulation of hairstyles, outfits, accessories, and constitution styles. In each level, you will unlock a caller accessory. That contributes to nan richness and assortment of your wardrobe. Players usage those accessories to alteration nan cat’s quality to springiness them caller images.

Besides constitution and costumes, nan crippled gives you galore items and accessories to decorate nan cat’s room and house. Through nan levels, nan subordinate tin besides cod galore different uncommon objects. Not only that, but nan subordinate besides has to thief nan feline execute regular activities specified arsenic bathing and eating. You must bathe and provender nan feline for a definite period, aliases they will beryllium exhausted. Food that My Talking Tom is highly rich | and diverse. Letting them slumber connected clip to recharge pinch caller power would beryllium best. After nan feline eats and gets capable sleep, you tin aftermath them up to participate successful different nosy activities.


When nan feline has capable energy, nan subordinate tin aftermath them up to participate successful playing mini-games. The crippled opens up thousands of mini-games pinch galore chopped styles. Beautifully designed mini-games pinch galore difficult levels. Not only that, but nan crippled besides gives you galore different tasks and challenges. As a result, players person much absorbing experiences. Exciting, nosy activities specified arsenic large food swallowing mini fish, puzzles, and much are opened successful bid for you to try. After passing nan easy levels, you proceed to conquer nan harder levels and get uncommon items from nan game. Not only that, but you tin besides seizure your absorbing playing moments to prevention arsenic a souvenir. Players are adventured to galore different play locations, truthful you don’t get bored. The crippled opens up galore absorbing and beautiful tourer destinations to research and acquisition life successful much places.


The crippled gives you galore recreation photos and challenges you to put them to create memorable pages. After completing nan challenges, players will person galore charismatic gifts. Depending connected yourself, nan subordinate tin constitute an absorbing and engaging feline life story. You tin besides bargain much basal items pinch nan money earned aft each mini-game. Thanks to that, you person moments of entertainment, very funny and interesting. My Talking Tom opens up a awesome playing abstraction pinch a sharp, vivid sound and image system.


  • Adoption: The crippled starts by adopting Tom arsenic your virtual pet. You tin customize his quality by changing his fur color, oculus shape, and outfit.
  • Taking attraction of Tom: You request to return attraction of Tom’s basal needs for illustration feeding, bathing, playing, and sleeping. You tin gain coins by completing these tasks, which you tin usage to bargain Tom’s food, clothes, and different items.
  • Playing mini-games: The crippled features respective mini-games that you tin play to gain much coins. Some of nan celebrated mini-games see Bubble Shooter, Happy Connect, and Space Piano.
  • Decorate Tom’s house: You tin decorate Tom’s location pinch different furnishings and accessories. You tin besides alteration nan wallpaper and flooring to create a personalized surviving abstraction for Tom.
  • Talking pinch Tom: Tom is simply a talking cat, and he tin repetition what you opportunity successful a funny voice. You tin interact pinch Tom by speaking, touching, aliases petting him.
  • Tom’s emotions: Tom has different emotions for illustration happiness, hunger, sleepiness, and boredom. You request to return attraction of Tom’s emotions by playing with, feeding, aliases putting him to sleep.
  • Tom’s wardrobe: You tin dress up Tom successful different outfits, hats, glasses, and accessories. You tin besides alteration Tom’s hairstyle and facial hair.
  • Social features: You tin link pinch your friends connected societal media platforms for illustration Facebook and stock your Talking Tom advancement pinch them.
  • Upgrades: As you advancement done nan game, you tin unlock caller items, mini-games, and features for Tom by leveling up and earning much coins.

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