My laptop refuses to connect with the TP Link wa801nd wifi wireless access point on Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS |

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My wifi doesn't negociate to link to an entree point. It utilized to activity aliases activity aft a laptop restart aliases on/off, but precocious it's getting impossible. I had nan belief that this was related pinch my wifi controller aliases such, but erstwhile one move connected my mobile hotspot, it is capable to link to it. truthful for immoderate logic this is related pinch nan TP Link entree point-laptop connection. Please fto maine cognize if you want maine to supply immoderate further logs, for nan infinitesimal these are nan ones that one see relevant:

lspci -knn | grep Net -A3 0000:00:14.3 Network controller [0280]: Intel Corporation Wi-Fi 6 AX201 [8086:a0f0] (rev 20) Subsystem: Rivet Networks Wi-Fi 6 AX201 [1a56:1651] Kernel driver successful use: iwlwifi Kernel modules: iwlwifi 0000:00:15.0 Serial autobus controller [0c80]: Intel Corporation Tiger Lake-LP Serial IO I2C Controller #0 [8086:a0e8] (rev 20) sudo dmesg | grep iwlwifi 5.415338] iwlwifi 0000:00:14.3: enabling instrumentality (0000 -> 0002) [ 5.422855] iwlwifi 0000:00:14.3: Detected crf-id 0x3617, cnv-id 0x20000302 wfpm id 0x80000000 [ 5.422927] iwlwifi 0000:00:14.3: PCI dev a0f0/1651, rev=0x351, rfid=0x10a100 [ 5.432115] iwlwifi 0000:00:14.3: api flags scale 2 larger than supported by driver [ 5.432133] iwlwifi 0000:00:14.3: TLV_FW_FSEQ_VERSION: FSEQ Version: [ 5.432621] iwlwifi 0000:00:14.3: loaded firmware type 77.2df8986f.0 QuZ-a0-hr-b0-77.ucode op_mode iwlmvm [ 5.591063] iwlwifi 0000:00:14.3: Detected Intel(R) Wi-Fi 6 AX203, REV=0x351 [ 5.715612] iwlwifi 0000:00:14.3: Detected RF HR B3, rfid=0x10a100 [ 5.781876] iwlwifi 0000:00:14.3: guidelines HW address: 94:e7:0b:c8:49:a7 [ 5.810431] iwlwifi 0000:00:14.3 wlp0s20f3: renamed from wlan0 [ 6.753820] iwlwifi 0000:00:14.3: Registered PHC clock: iwlwifi-PTP, pinch index: 0

Restart of nan Network head does not help

sudo systemctl restart NetworkManager