Mounting Synology NAS with NFSv4 in Ubuntu 22.04 |

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I'd been utilizing Debian for ages, but had hardware issues wherever definite devices (mostly audio devices) ne'er worked. I switched to Ubuntu 22.04 precocious and group up my personification pinch nan aforesaid uid and gid arsenic nan personification connected my NAS. However, I americium incapable to edit files connected nan NAS.


# /media/nas nfs4 rw,hard,rsize=8192,nconnect=16,wsize=8192,timeo=14,vers=4 0 0 /media/nas nfs auto,rw,rsize=8192,wsize=8192,timeo=14,intr

The apical commented retired introduction was nan 1 I utilized connected Debian, and nan bottommost is nan existent 1 I americium playing with. Most things I publication are showing akin options to use. I tin browse and position files, I conscionable cannot write.

Synology NAS IDs

uid=1026(user1) gid=1026(user1) groups=1026(user1)

Ubuntu IDs

uid=1026(user1) gid=1026(user1) groups=1026(user1),24(cdrom),100(users)

I'm judge I americium doing thing evidently incorrect but thing I find via Google has helped!

My latest effort has everything owned by admin:users and chmod 664 which seems to activity via SSH but not erstwhile I usage Ubuntu Desktop to browse nan paths. It thinks folders are files :(