Mounting an external MyBook drive getting TimeMachine error |

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I person a aged MyBook that I request to get immoderate files disconnected of. I americium utilizing VirtualBox and Unbuntu arsenic nan Guest connected a Windows 11 machine.

A fewer years agone I did nan aforesaid group up pinch an older type of Unbuntu to person nan thrust show arsenic a shared folder. In which I utilized immoderate sudu codification to get it arsenic a shared file.... I think. But I tin not do this correct now for immoderate reason.

So I added successful VirtualBox, a filter. The select allowed Unbuntu to spot nan drive, however, it was utilized for a TimeMachine backmost up connected an aged Mac, which I person nary anymore.

That said, erstwhile I spell to position nan mounted drive, I get an correction that I did not get connected nan older type that states "Could not show each contents of My Book: Error getting accusation from record /media/MyUserName/My Book/ input/output error"

Not judge if it is because of nan measurement it is mounted done VirtualBox aliases if trying to do a different mounting measurement would work.

Any ideas is ace helpful. Using nan latest Unbuntu 22 LTS.