Making RDP Server "behave" like Windows (session "stealing" etc) |

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Is location a measurement to make an RDP Server connected Kubuntu 22.04 do things much for illustration connected windows?

When I installed it, location were a fewer problems.

  1. it made a caller session, perchance starring to record conflicts
  2. Keys combinations utilized connected nan desktop convention were misdirected until I logged off

So ideally I would for illustration 4 things:

  1. If I link to nan RDP server and I do not person a convention active, make a caller one
  2. If a convention (desktop aliases RDP) exists, disconnect that convention (desktop goes to lockscreen, different RDP conscionable disconnects), and link into this existing session.
  3. If I disconnect without logging off, support nan convention active
  4. when logging successful from nan PC itself and an RDP convention exists, disconnect nan RDP and link nan Deskop into that session.

Basically nan measurement really it useful connected windows. NLA would beryllium a bully bonus, but that's its ain agenda.

Is this possible, and if yes, how?

Other questions I saw mostly were concerned astir connecting into an existing RDP convention aliases similar, truthful they do not precisely apply.