Making powerpoints for youtube? |

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When I was moving windows 10, I was readying connected utilizing its powerpoint programme to make youtube videos. And yes, it would beryllium capable for my needs, and honestly amended than a camera. The windows programme could grounds your sound and moreover output nan record successful a format that youtube will support. It virtually couldn't beryllium easier. Of course, my sshd fried not agelong aft that truthful I nary longer person it connected my main computer. Openoffice, nan agency suit I'm astir utilized to doesn't support immoderate of these features I know. This OS though came pinch thing called Libreoffice which I can't find immoderate info on.

Is location immoderate programme that's arsenic convenient arsenic this? I do cognize ubuntu22 comes pinch a characteristic to grounds videos of your desktop, though I don't cognize if it could grounds my sound aliases if nan video is successful nan fileformat for youtube (I don't really cognize nan sanction of nan record types it will accept).

Its not desperately necessary, to beryllium clear. I still person a windows 10 laptop, but it runs truthful slow I would for illustration to not fuss pinch it. I was reasoning of signaling worldly connected this point and past transferring nan files to nan laptop to usage successful its powerpoint program, but that would still beryllium rather a hassle.