Lubuntu: devmon mounts an USB drive to two different paths, one of which is inaccessible |

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I person formatted a 2TB Kingston USB SSD thrust successful EXT4 format and copied information connected machine A (Ubuntu). Now I want to usage this thrust connected machine B (Lubuntu). But it showed that nan 1 thrust was mounted to 2 paths: /media/devmon/Kingston and /media/username/Kingston:

enter image explanation here

I tin click to unfastened nan way /media/username/Kingston and entree nan information successful nan drive, but not /media/devmon/Kingston. When clicking nan latter, it shows an error:

The specified directory '/media/devmon/Kingston' is not valid

enter image explanation here

What is going connected here? What do I request to do to hole this?

When utilizing a USB thrust of 1G size pinch NTFS format, everything went smooth. (as /media/username/Data_Exchan shown successful nan 1st pic).