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Let maine commencement of by sharing what I americium moving with: Mid 2011 iMac, 21.5, 2.7GHz, i5. Yep a Fusion drive. 1TB SATA, 251 GB Flash Storage. 1TB Samsung T7 walled pinch a caller clip instrumentality b/u and besides astir 130 GB of movie media ( I conscionable chose to prevention that to thief aged mac to tally smoother). 32GBusb drive. I americium moving 10.13.6. I would for illustration to instal Zoran 17, I person D/L nan iso and Belena for flashing. I person astir 250GB of Photos/movies, euphony and immoderate docs immoderate successful Pages format. I saw timemachine nary bully for what I request to do? FTP? As a broadside statement I person an aged 15"G4 1GHz, I wiped, nary OS I would emotion to usage arsenic imaginable server? Thank you for anything!!