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I conscionable updated to Ubuntu 23.04, and I americium moving into an rumor wherever whenever I restart my laptop, I americium automatically logged in. Here is what happens:

  1. Restart (can restart from either logged successful aliases logged retired state)
  2. A zoomed retired login page appears pinch my personification floor plan (not judge why zoomed out, aliases if relevant).
  3. If I effort to click connected my personification profile, nan password input section shows up briefly, but past boots maine backmost to (2)
  4. After 5-10 seconds, a advancement barroom appears beneath my username. When it fills up, I americium automatically logged successful and placed into my DE.
  5. When I log out/lock nan surface (ctrl+L), it takes maine backmost to a recognizable logged-out state, and I do person to participate my password.

So fundamentally anyone could drawback my laptop and get access, moreover if I was logged out.

I person tried, unsuccessfully: Changing nan password Toggling connected and disconnected nan 'autologin' characteristic (was disconnected erstwhile I initially discovered this behavior)..