Keyboard shortcut to switch to a specific window |

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Is location a measurement to specify a keyboard shortcut to move to a circumstantial window? I cognize astir Alt+Tab, Alt+`, Alt+Esc etc. But each of those keys rhythm done each windows, which is not what I'm looking for. I would for illustration a cardinal that takes maine consecutive to a circumstantial window, irrespective of which model is presently successful focus.

My usage lawsuit is that I usage Google Meet for meetings while besides looking astatine different windows (slides, web pages, codification editors, Slack). I'm muted astir of nan time, and erstwhile I want to talk, I tin property nan abstraction barroom to temporarily unmute myself ("push-to-talk" feature). But that only useful erstwhile I'm successful nan Google Meet window. So what I'm looking for is simply a cardinal that I press, followed by nan abstraction bar, truthful that I tin quickly commencement talking connected Google Meet.