kernel panic - not syncing; error loading shared libraries:; unable to find persistent home medium |

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I person been trying to find posts pinch aforesaid rumor arsenic mine, nary luck yet, hence posting.

I person Ubuntu 20.04 (ubuntu-20.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso) installed connected 64gb USB thrust pinch thief of Rufus, persistent live. Been utilizing it for agelong time.

Yesterday, surface turned blank. I plugged-in power, didnt thief and past it shutdown. All attempts to reboot lead maine to pursuing screenshot.

Grub surface doesnt person immoderate betterment / beforehand options arsenic fewer recommended successful different posts. I americium capable to plug this thrust successful ubuntu 18 ( unrecorded USB ) and spot nan files building arsenic shown successful enter image explanation here and enter image explanation here

I dont cognize if its kernel rumor / aliases immoderate otehr record is corrupt/stuck which is preventing it from booting up.

If anyone faced aforesaid rumor and tin guideline maine to complete steps connected really to repair / hole this issue, would beryllium overmuch appreciated.