kernel 6.7.5 compile error ubuntu 22.04 No rule to make target 'debian/canonical-certs.pem', signing_key.pem |

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Source 6.5.7 sewage present

root@tbs:/usr/src/linux-6.7.5# make -j12 mkdir -p /usr/src/linux-6.7.5/tools/objtool && make O=/usr/src/linux-6.7.5 subdir=tools/objtool --no-print-directory -C objtool INSTALL libsubcmd_headers CALL scripts/ CC io_uring/io_uring.o CC arch/x86/video/fbdev.o CC arch/x86/power/cpu.o CC arch/x86/pci/i386.o CC block/partitions/core.o AS arch/x86/lib/clear_page_64.o make[3]: *** No norm to make target 'debian/canonical-certs.pem', needed by 'certs/x509_certificate_list'. Stop. make[2]: *** [scripts/ certs] Error 2 make[2]: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs.... CC net/core/sock.o CC block/partitions/cmdline.o ... ... LD [M] drivers/fpga/dfl-fme.o LD [M] drivers/fpga/dfl-afu.o make[1]: *** [/usr/src/linux-6.7.5/Makefile:1911: .] Error 2 make: *** [Makefile:234: __sub-make] Error 2

I didn't alteration thing successful nan configuration. launched make menuconfig and saved .config pinch default parameters.

Installed nan sources of nan existent kernel

apt instal linux-headers-6.5.0-18-generic

Started nan compilation. aforesaid correction :(

!!! The linux-5.16.8 kernel sources (from nan erstwhile system) COMPILE WITHOUT ERROR!!! I didn't instal nan aged kernel, I conscionable tried to compile it.

I person nary thought really to compile 6.7.5