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I person a bluetooth headset that was capable to link to my microcomputer (Kubuntu 23.10). I disconnected nan instrumentality and switched to triumph 11 (dual boot) and connected to windows bluetooth. After a restart win11 and ubuntu could not link immoderate longer to nan instrumentality (it was not shown successful nan bluetooth disposable devices list). In triumph 11 I could lick nan problem by deleting nan introduction of nan instrumentality successful nan registry (can find and link to nan headset again).

In ubuntu I tried nan commands bluetoothctl -> region MA:CA:DD:RE:SS (as suggested by How tin I region a Bluetooth device?) which did not thief (also pinch microcomputer reboot nary instrumentality is seen)

After this I removed a files successful /var/lib/bluetooth/controllerMAC/cache that had nan aforesaid sanction arsenic nan mac reside of nan device. After a restart nan headset is still not showing up successful nan database of e.g. bluetoothctl -> scan aliases nan graphical database successful nan settings menu.

Is location a measurement to wholly region nan instrumentality accusation (hard reset arsenic If nan instrumentality ne'er paired pinch my pc) akin to nan win11 solution? Or is location thing evident that should beryllium done to beryllium capable to link to nan instrumentality again?

Note that this problem is different to bluetoothctl - can't brace instrumentality aft removing it? arsenic nan instrumentality does not moreover show up