Issue with TLP Repository Fetching Error on Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS |

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I've been utilizing Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS for a while now and person been actively monitoring nan capacity of TLP (an precocious powerfulness guidance tool). Recently, I noticed an correction related to fetching nan TLP repository data.

Here's nan correction connection I've been encountering successful nan strategy logs:

... Feb 13 12:56:31 DeLarge systemd[1]: tlp.service: Deactivated successfully Feb 13 12:57:18 DeLarge tlp[2176]: Applying powerfulness prevention settings...done. Feb 13 12:57:18 DeLarge tlp[2176]: Setting artillery complaint thresholds...done. Feb 13 12:57:44 DeLarge packagekitd[1919]: Failed to fetch E: Failed to fetch Feb 13 12:57:47 DeLarge packagekitd[1919]: Failed to fetch E: Failed to fetch ...

I person attempted to adhd nan TLP repository utilizing nan bid sudo add-apt-repository ppa:linrunner/tlp, but nan rumor persists.

I person already tried nan pursuing troubleshooting steps:

Checked nan net relationship to guarantee it's stable. Verified nan repository URL (ppa:linrunner/tlp) for correctness. Cleared nan APT cache utilizing sudo apt clean. Updated APT package lists pinch sudo apt update. Despite these efforts, nan problem persists. Can anyone supply further guidance connected really to resoluteness this rumor and successfully fetch information from nan TLP repository?

Thank you successful beforehand for your assistance.

Best regards