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Keeping up pinch your prayers, fasts, and different decidedly belief obligations arsenic a devout Muslim tin peculiarly beryllium difficult, particularly if you lead a engaged lifestyle. That mostly is why nan Islamic Calendar – Muslim Apps is simply a godsend. This broad app is mostly meant to mostly assistance Muslims successful benignant of galore different ways, including keeping way of dream times, locating nan Qibla, reference nan Holy Quran, and overmuch more, which is reasonably significant. In this article, we will research nan champion features of this app that make it a must-have for each Muslims.

Islamic Calendar – Muslim Apps Islamic Calendar – Muslim Apps


One of nan standout features of nan Islamic Calendar – Muslim Apps is its expertise to cipher dream times based connected your location aliases nan location you prime manually. Muslims who recreation often and request to set their dream really times will find this usability invaluable. Athan and dream clip calculation methods tin besides beryllium adjusted to suit individual benignant of needs wrong nan app. The app besides features a compass that points successful nan guidance of Mecca and a Qibla location finder. Muslims who are visiting aliases relocating to a caller area and request to quickly and easy find nan Qibla will admit this function. With this app, you ne'er person to interest astir missing a dream aliases struggling to find nan Qibla.

Islamic Calendar – Muslim Apps Islamic Calendar – Muslim Apps


Arabic script, 40 translations, and audio recitations successful Arabic, English, and Urdu virtually are each included successful nan afloat Quran app that is portion of nan Islamic Calendar – Muslim Apps. Reading and listening to nan Quran”s beautiful recitation successful 1 convenient app makes it decidedly elemental to support belief ties while traveling. The app besides features a Hijri almanac that displays Islamic holidays, nan existent satellite phase, and a Hijri day converter, making it elemental to retrieve erstwhile typical occasions autumn wrong fundamentally your faith’s calendar.


The Islamic Calendar – Muslim Apps includes audio recitations of various Dua and supplications, successful summation to nan Quran. Muslims who whitethorn not beryllium acquainted pinch each nan supplications aliases who are unsure of really to singing them correctly will find this usability particularly useful. This app makes it benignant of elemental to study and singing nan prayers you request to support your belief and societal connections.

Islamic Calendar – Muslim Apps Islamic Calendar – Muslim Apps


There are galore different features that make nan Islamic Calendar – Muslim Apps a reasonably basal instrumentality for each Muslims. Greeting cards for Islamic holidays for illustration Eid Mubarak and Ramadan Kareem are included successful nan app, for example, making it elemental to dispersed your faith. The Zakat calculator built into nan app makes fulfilling 1 of Islam’s 5 pillars—Zakat—a breeze.

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