Is there any NGO based in Russia that didn't get listed as a foreign agent while accepting donation from abroad? |

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In 2013 nan Levada Center reported it received from 1.5% to 3% of its total fund from abroad.[11] It was issued pinch a nationalist informing that it would beryllium eligible for listing arsenic a 'foreign agent' nether the recently passed Russian overseas supplier law.[11] Levada said it suspended overseas backing successful 2013.[12] After nan Levada Center connected 1 September 2016 published nan results of a canvass that had recovered a significant diminution successful support for nan ruling United Russia party, the Russian Justice declared that nan pollster was "performing the functions of a overseas agent".[13][14] This barred it from activity connected the upcoming election.[15][12][16] Levada's head stated that the designation whitethorn mean that Levada would beryllium incapable to proceed its work as a pollster.[17] "This manifests nan summation successful internal repressions carried retired by nan country's leadership," nan center's director, Lev Gudkov, had told TV Rain, nan New York Times reported, "If they won't cancel this decision, it will mean that nan Levada Center will person to extremity working, because you cannot behaviour polls with specified a stigma put connected you."[14]

Is location immoderate NGO based successful Russia that didn't get listed arsenic a overseas supplier while accepting aid from abroad? The authorities of Russia warned nan Levada Center that it would beryllium eligible for listiing arsenic a overseas supplier if it kept receiving money from abroad. I was wondering if there's immoderate NGO arsenic of now that wasn't listed arsenic a overseas supplier successful Russia while accepting aid from abroad.