Is there a dummy notification daemon? |

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(Ubuntu 22.04 wayland swaywm)

I americium not willing successful immoderate notifications, truthful I uninstalled dunst. However, galore apps are now making their ain notifications successful incredibly hacky ways e.g. making a popup model which is really annoying.

I'd for illustration to cognize if location exists immoderate benignant of dummy notification daemon which appears to apps arsenic a accustomed notification daemon but ne'er really displays thing to me?

P.S Dunst wasn't moving anyway, notifications would look and ne'er vanish automatically and for immoderate logic changing nan config record didn't hole that. I didn't want hole this rumor (and I'm not asking you to) truthful I'm hoping for a solution that doesn't impact reinstalling dunst and changing its config arsenic it astir apt wont activity for me.