Is the occurrence of sexual misdemeanors amongst the UK Conservative parliamentary party exceptional? |

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The 2019 intake of Conservative MPs into UK's parliament numbered 365. Since past at slightest 6 Tory MPs person been suspended aliases resigned for engaging successful intersexual related misconduct. These are:

  1. Julian Knight - accusation of intersexual assualt
  2. Rob Roberts - sexting
  3. David Warburton - intersexual harassment
  4. Christopher Pincher - groping scandal
  5. Imran Khan - intersexual assault
  6. Neil Parish - viewing pornography successful nan location of commons

That intends that astir 1.6% of nan parliamentary statement has either resigned aliases been suspended owed to intersexual misconduct which seems to beryllium a precocious figure. To put into perspective, nan UK moving organization successful December 2023 was astir 31 million. A akin complaint of misconduct amongst nan wide moving organization would spot astir 500,000 workers resign aliases beryllium removed successful nan 5 twelvemonth model starting from December '23.

So my mobility is, is this complaint of intersexual misconduct really exceptional erstwhile compared to nan wide moving population, different parliamentary parties successful nan UK, and different elected houses successful akin socia-economic countries?