Is Hala travel company acting on behalf of the Egyptian government? |

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Hala recreation company, belonging to Ibrahim al-Argany, is taking attraction of transporting Palestinians from Gaza, charging alternatively exorbitant fees:

Abu Muhammad, a Palestinian recreation supplier who useful pinch nan Hala recreation agency, says that nan brokerage fees for walking pinch nan [Hala] institution person changed during nan people of nan war. Whereas astatine nan opening of nan warfare they were arsenic precocious arsenic $10,000 per person, successful nan past fewer months they gradually dropped, and past period they were $5,000 for a personification complete 12 and $500-$2,500 per child, depending connected nan number of group successful nan family. For Palestinians pinch Egyptian citizenship, nan value is $1,200-$1,600. The supplier explains that nan value dropped because, successful nan opening [of nan war], nan group who paid to time off nan Strip were merchants and businesspeople, whereas [today] location are fewer of them left. The request besides fell because of nan precocious prices, truthful prices were lowered successful bid to maximize nan number of travelers and frankincense nan profits.

Lebanese Al-Akhbar (cited above) refers to this business arsenic corruption:

Egyptian Regime Profiteering From Gaza War And Gazans' Suffering – Imposing High Taxes And Taking Bribes At Gaza Border Crossings

whereas Egyptian Mada Masr, though confirming nan accusation connected nan fees, seems to dainty Argany arsenic somewhat of a lifesaving statement for nan stranded Palestinians:

Amid this general stalemate, group and assistance still walk done nan crossing. And really it is done is an unfastened secret.

Behind nan scenes stands a solitary figure, successful whom business, powerfulness and world relations intersect, a fig who, successful little than a decade, has transformed from a fugitive of justness to a tribal battalion leader, a partner successful nan Egyptian subject successful its warfare connected coercion and 1 of Egypt’s astir influential businessmen.

The precipitous emergence of Ibrahim al-Argany, nan fig down it all, has raised galore questions successful caller years that person only grown sharper arsenic nan aggression’s unit mounted. Now, everything and everyone that passes into aliases retired of Gaza does truthful almost exclusively done Argany’s companies and his web of connections.

Were Agrany and his institution fixed charismatic monopoly connected transporting group and equipment crossed nan Egypt-Gaza separator by Egyptian authorities, aliases is this immoderate benignant of mafia/local militia/warlord that Egypt is incapable to control? (Some media openly mention to Agrany arsenic militia businessman.)