Is copper wool (rather than traditional brass wool) good for cleaning black oxidation off soldering tip?

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Preliminary Assumptions:

  • Metal hardness matters: I americium assuming metallic hardness matters erstwhile it comes to cleaning soldering tips pinch metallic wool.
  • Chrome extremity value and material: I americium assuming (good quality) soldering tips are chrome plated/electroplated.

Main Details:

So, for cleaning soldering tips:

  • [metal hardness(soldering tip)] > [metal hardness[metal wool)];

    I.e., nan hardness of nan soldering extremity must beryllium greater than the hardness of nan metallic wool.

Now, for metallic wool, traditionally, brass wool is used. However, copper wool does exist.

So, essentially:

For [metal wool(x)], x = brass, copper, etc.

My peculiar lawsuit and example: I americium utilizing copper wool. In this example, I'd for illustration to see copper hardness. (This copper wool mightiness beryllium copper-coated steel-strand-cored wool). Does copper wool activity efficaciously to region oxidation from a soldering tip.