Is Accessing WSL2 Filesystem from Ubuntu Dual Boot Safe? Need Advice! |

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I've been exploring nan thought of accessing nan WSL2 filesystem straight from Ubuntu successful a dual-boot setup pinch Windows. The conception involves mounting nan WSL2 virtual difficult disk (VHD) from Ubuntu to interact pinch nan files stored wrong nan WSL2 environment. This process could perchance streamline workflows that span some operating systems. ChatGPT tells me, this is risky, but won't supply sources, and one do not find overmuch online. It thinks read-only is simply a bully idea, but that would make it kinda useless.

It recommends it for illustration this:

sudo apt instal libguestfs-tools sudo guestmount -a /path/to/your/WSL2-distro.vhdx -m /dev/sda --ro /mnt/wsl2 --ro .. read-only

Anyone tried this? Success stories aliases cautionary tales welcome. Looking for proposal aliases insights to do this safely.