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I americium trying to alteration my wifi router.
The aged 1 (zz-home-tm) uses subnet 192.168.12.*, nan caller 1 (zz-home) - 192.168.0.*.
At nan infinitesimal some routers are running.
Even if I move to zz-home, nan machine shows ip reside and does not ping ( ping works). Tried to group up ip addr manually - aforesaid thing.
The caller router has 2 hotspots pinch nan aforesaid ip range, 5Gz and 2.4Gz. Both show nan aforesaid results.
If I link via ethernet, ip addr is correct.
I spot this rumor connected 2 laptops, 1 Ubuntu, nan different Mac. My 3rd machine, besides Ubuntu laptop useful arsenic expected. Very weird.
Can anyone help?