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Ubuntu 23.10. I was changing nan icon taxable successful $HOME/.local/share/icons. Everything useful good until abruptly snap-store's icon is changed to this:

enter image explanation here

The contented of /var/lib/snapd/desktop/applications/snap-store_snap-store.desktop is

[Desktop Entry] X-SnapInstanceName=snap-store Type=Application Version=1.0 Exec=env BAMF_DESKTOP_FILE_HINT=/var/lib/snapd/desktop/applications/snap-store_snap-store.desktop /snap/bin/snap-store %U Icon=/snap/snap-store/1106/bin/data/flutter_assets/assets/app-center.png Terminal=false Categories=System;Utility;PackageManager;SoftwareManagement;Network;Settings; Keywords=Ubuntu;Applications;Apps;Store;Software;Snaps; Name=App Center Name[ar]=مركز التطبيقات Name[cs]=Centrum aplikací Name[de]=Anwendungszentrum Name[en_CA]=App Center Name[en_GB]=App Center Name[es]=Centro de aplicaciones Name[fr]=Centre d'applications Name[hi]=ऐप सेंटर Name[ja]=アプリセンター Name[pl]=Centrum programów Name[pt_BR]=Centro de Aplicações Name[ru]=Центр приложений Name[sk]=Centrum aplikácií Name[sv]=Appcentral Name[zh_CN]=应用中心

The /snap/snap-store/1106/bin/data/flutter_assets/assets/app-center.png record matches pinch nan supra image. However, this is not nan original icon earlier nan icon taxable change.

I cannot revert to nan default icon by changing nan icon taxable to Yaru for example.

I besides tried restarting nan computer, but thing worked.

How should this happen? I didn't do thing pinch sudo privileges.