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I americium attempting to way my Wlan wifi straight done my virtual instrumentality earlier my existent section machine. I americium doing this truthful I tin usage wireshark connected my virtual instrumentality without having packets beryllium altered from my section Ubuntu instrumentality successful transit. I cognize that I could conscionable instal wireshark connected Ubuntu, but I want to study astir routing and bridges anyway.

I tried mounting up 2 bridges "outside" and "inside". My scheme was to person outside>Kali>inside>Ubuntu. I was utilizing brctl to execute this, but look to beryllium moving into an error: can't adhd wlp0s20f3 to span outside: Operation not supported erstwhile one tally this command: sudo brctl addif extracurricular wlp0

I've ran:

sudo brctl addbr outside

sudo ip nexus group extracurricular up

sudo brctl addbr inside

sudo ip nexus group wrong up