How to set up a local Flywheel WordPress application to start automatically after Ubuntu restarts |

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I tried to travel nan beneath instructions but didn’t work.

To group up a section Flywheel WordPress exertion to commencement automatically aft Ubuntu restarts, you tin usage systemd to create a work unit. Here's a elaborate guide:

  1. Identify nan Start Command:

    Determine nan bid needed to commencement your Flywheel WordPress application. This whitethorn impact starting nan section server situation provided by Flywheel aliases immoderate different basal commands.

  2. Create a Service Unit File:

    Open a terminal and create a caller systemd work portion record for your Flywheel WordPress application.

    sudo nano /etc/systemd/system/flywheel-wordpress.service
  3. Add Service Configuration:

    Add nan pursuing configuration to nan work portion file. Adjust nan paths and options to lucifer your Flywheel WordPress installation:

    [Unit] Description=Flywheel WordPress Local Environment [Service] Type=simple User=yourusername Group=yourgroupname ExecStart=/path/to/flywheel/start/command [Install]

    Replace "yourusername" and "yourgroupname" pinch your username and group, and switch "/path/to/flywheel/start/command" pinch nan bid needed to commencement your Flywheel WordPress application.

  4. Reload systemd Configuration:

    After redeeming nan file, reload systemd configuration to use nan changes:

    sudo systemctl daemon-reload
  5. Enable nan Service:

    Enable nan work to commencement automatically connected boot:

    sudo systemctl alteration flywheel-wordpress
  6. Start nan Service:

    Start nan work to verify that it starts correctly:

    sudo systemctl commencement flywheel-wordpress
  7. Check Service Status:

    Check nan position of nan work to guarantee that it started without immoderate errors:

    sudo systemctl position flywheel-wordpress

If everything is configured correctly, your Flywheel WordPress exertion should now commencement automatically connected strategy startup. You tin besides extremity and restart nan work utilizing systemctl commands arsenic needed:

  • sudo systemctl extremity flywheel-wordpress
  • sudo systemctl restart flywheel-wordpress

Replace "flywheel-wordpress" pinch nan desired sanction for your systemd work unit.