How to repair snapd on Ubuntu 23? |

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It each started pinch Visual Studio Code installed via snap. There was an update, but nan fastener was grayed out. From nan terminal I tried to region VSCode but I sewage nan pursuing correction message:

sudo threat region code error: threat "code" has "auto-refresh" alteration successful progress

From now on, I tried everything I recovered connected akin questions including:

  • rebooting
  • removing threat cache
  • removing threat personification information (in home)
  • removing threat wholly from Ubuntu (it failed)
  • reinstalling threat trying to instal sudo threat refresh --beta core22 (failed arsenic well)

The existent business is:

/var/lib/snapd$ sudo threat list Name Version Rev Tracking Publisher Notes bare 1.0 5 latest/stable canonical\u2713 base chromium 121.0.6167.160 2749 latest/stable canonical\u2713 - code 05047486 150 latest/stable vscode\u2713 disabled,classic core 16-2.61.1 16574 latest/stable canonical\u2713 core core18 20231027 2812 latest/stable canonical\u2713 base core20 20240111 2182 latest/stable canonical\u2713 base core22 20240206 1194 latest/beta canonical\u2713 base,disabled cups 2.4.7-3 1024 latest/stable openprinting\u2713 - firefox 122.0.1-1 3779 latest/stable mozilla\u2713 - firmware-updater 0+git.e8771be 109 latest/stable/\u2026 canonical\u2713 - gnome-3-28-1804 3.28.0-19-g98f9e67.98f9e67 198 latest/stable canonical\u2713 - gnome-42-2204 0+git.ff35a85 141 latest/stable/\u2026 canonical\u2713 - gtk-common-themes 0.1-81-g442e511 1535 latest/stable/\u2026 canonical\u2713 - hexpad 1.7 9 latest/stable caozhen - kde-frameworks-5-99-qt-5-15-7-core20 5.99.0 7 latest/stable kde\u2713 - openscad 2021.01 339 latest/stable torsten-paul - snapd 2.61.1 20671 latest/stable canonical\u2713 snapd snapd-desktop-integration 0.9 83 latest/stable/\u2026 canonical\u2713 - vlc 3.0.19 3721 latest/stable videolan\u2713 -

Now I americium reinstalling to get free of this connection and reconstruct snap. The mobility is: why location isn´t a clear betterment way from a damaged threat status? Should I enactment distant from threat successful my caller installation?

Thank you!