How to mount CIFS share as user? |

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I americium moving Ubuntu 20.04.6 LTS.

I spot a ton of topics connected this which each constituent to adding personification to nan equine options successful /etc/fstab, but this is not working.

/etc/fstab: <CIFS share> /tmp/cifsmnt cifs user=<user>,domain=<domain>,noauto,user 0 0 mount /tmp/cifsmnt mount: /tmp/cifsmnt: cognition permitted for guidelines only.

If I usage sudo equine /tmp/cifsmnt it useful perfectly fine. So I cognize nan user=<user> and domain=<domain> options are moving correctly. It's conscionable not letting maine equine without sudo. I've been searching and tinkering pinch my /etc/fstab for nan full time pinch nary success.

As for nan equine location, that was created by nan personification and without mounting nan personification tin usage that directory to create files truthful it's not a support rumor connected nan existent directory.