How to mount Android .img in Ubuntu? |

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I'm trying to equine Android boot.img and recovery.img files successful Ubuntu (I'm utilizing Ubuntu 24.04, nevertheless nan process shouldn't beryllium different from erstwhile Ubuntu releases). However, mounting these images fails - I've besides tried converting them to .raw files, and past mounting those - however, I ever get nan pursuing error:

mount: /mnt: incorrect fs type, bad option, bad superblock connected /dev/loop0, missing codepage aliases helper program, aliases different error.

I'm presently moving this successful Ubuntu for Windows (using WSL) - however, nan consequence is nan aforesaid erstwhile attempting to equine them successful a afloat Ubuntu Installation (I've tested it successful Ubuntu 23.10).

The images are not corrupted, because they tin beryllium opened and extracted successful 7-zip without immoderate issues. I retrieve doing this before, pinch an Android system.img file, and location were immoderate terminal commands I needed to tally to make it activity - nevertheless I cannot retrieve what they were, nor tin I find thing online.

Can anyone show maine really to equine these images successfully?

Note: my equine constituent is conscionable /mnt.