How to hide desktop from Ubuntu Desktop Applications UI |

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I recovered nan pursuing nexus for changing record types application:

Here is nan bid for associating nan record type "application/pdf" pinch nan "kde-kpdf.desktop" :

$xdg-mime query default application/pdf AdobeReader.desktop $xdg-mime default kde-kpdf.desktop application/pdf $xdg-mime query default application/pdf kde-kpdf.desktop

I conscionable want to double-click nan "*.pdf" and past unfastened pinch "kde-kpdf.desktop",

but I want to hide nan "kde-kpdf.desktop" from nan Ubuntu desktop applications database arsenic shown beneath (I downloaded nan image from Internet, it doesn't incorporate nan kde-kpdf.desktop icon successful it):

enter image explanation here

Is it imaginable for hiding nan specified *.desktop record from Ubuntu Applications List UI? How to hide nan desktop but still allowing double-click nan file-type to unfastened pinch that application?