How to forward internet traffic of port 51413 to go through |

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I americium connected Ubuntu 22.04 MATE. I person installed nan C room of shadowsocsk-libev, and I link to my server utilizing ss-local -c /etc/shadowsocks.json . and I get nan pursuing output:

2024-02-13 20:38:21 INFO: initializing ciphers... chacha20-ietf-poly1305 2024-02-13 20:38:21 INFO: listening astatine

if I group a socks5 proxy connected Firefox past it useful well. I person connected my strategy nan torrent customer "Transmissions", which is group by default to usage larboard 51413, and I don't deliberation it useful erstwhile I alteration nan port. I consciousness for illustration location should beryllium immoderate elemental GNU CLI instrumentality that would do this elemental task for me, that is to guardant transmissions's net postulation aliases that of larboard 51413 done Transmissions activity decently if I usage nan GUI customer V2rayA, but I can't publication nan root codification of nan programme to understand really it works, and I don't for illustration to usage it arsenic it is dense connected machine resources, and documented mostly successful Chinese.