How to deal with an arrogant client who gets intensely upset with even the smallest of communication gaps between us?

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I presently activity for a low-paying, arrogant section customer who does springiness maine a decent magnitude of work, but each are under-paid.

The customer has a wont of bargaining and complaining. If I inquire him for much value (a FAIR value for myself), he will commencement to bargain truthful overmuch that it gets uncomfortable, but I extremity up landing astatine a value that doesn't fresh my needs. He asks maine to do a group of work, and erstwhile I americium done finishing, he will travel up pinch immoderate "mistakes" and past inquire maine to re-do it.

For instance. I creation societal sharing graphics (like WhatsApp communicative aliases Facebook station graphics) for him, and he pays maine only 2 USD for each graphics. And he will nonstop maine incorrect information, aliases incomplete information, which he will inquire maine to correct again and again. And I extremity up doing much than 3–4 revisions for his deficiency of accusation aliases correctness successful that information.

BUT, if I extremity being a portion of a insignificant mistake, specified arsenic a insignificant connection spread (because of faults from some ends) that shouldn't beryllium a large issue, he starts to knock and kick astir it truthful severely that I consciousness disrespected and insulted. He makes it look arsenic if it is each my fault, and much than that. He gets very fierce and starts venting astatine me.

I americium beautiful tired of dealing pinch him. Firstly, because I americium not looking for "more work", but I americium looking for a well-paying customer who pays maine some nan money and nan respect for nan activity that I do for him. I americium looking for a customer pinch whom I tin build a healthy, long-lasting master narration that tin fulfill maine arsenic well, arsenic a professional.

I benignant of deliberation that this peculiar customer won't beryllium capable to fulfil that. He is besides not very courteous. Sometimes he will only salary maine nan money, but won't springiness maine immoderate feedback, not moreover a connection aliases two, moreover if I pursuit continuously for feedback truthful that I whitethorn cognize if I americium moving successful nan correct direction, and really he likes nan work.

And everytime, he will make himself look for illustration a "super busy" VIP person. He doesn't pass thoroughly capable truthful that I understand his requirements clearly. Only 1 aliases 2 statements astir nan work, and astir connection is done WhatsApp. He hates emails, and orders maine to WhatsApp him because he is "too engaged to cheque emails".

He writes only 1 aliases 2 sentences regarding immoderate caller work. Most of nan time, I person to make "assumptions" arsenic to what activity he "might require". The clarity successful connection is that bad from his side.

He does springiness maine decent magnitude of work, but I extremity up earning terribly bad, and I besides get criticized awfully for a correction that happens for illustration erstwhile successful each 100 situations.

I want to either raise my standards and inquire him for higher value for each work, aliases I want to extremity nan narration pinch him. How do I woody pinch him, and fto him cognize of nan changes successful our narration successful a master way, truthful that it does not impact my profession being an independent professional?

Thank you truthful overmuch for your valuable clip and advice.