How to connect over Bluetooth an LG C2 TV with Ubuntu (audio)? |

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I effort to link my Ubuntu 23.10 pinch an LG C2 TV to past output nan sound from LG to Ubuntu; nan aforesaid worked good pinch my iPhone which past played immoderate euphony done my Ubuntu attached speakers. I usage bluetoothctl:

devices Paired Device 20:28:BC:81:F8:D9 [LG] webOS TV OLED55C22LB connect 20:28:BC:81:F8:D9 Attempting to link to 20:28:BC:81:F8:D9 [CHG] Device 20:28:BC:81:F8:D9 Connected: yes Connection successful [CHG] Device 20:28:BC:81:F8:D9 ServicesResolved: yes

but past I can't spot successful nan LG's "Bluetooth Device" paper my Ubuntu arsenic a speaker.
What should I do to lick this?

PS: I usage pipewire, pipewire-pulse and wireplumber which activity fine