How to calculate the RPM required from a DC motor in order to pull an object that is attached to wheels

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I americium attempting to make my first task thought of utilizing a DC centrifugal arsenic a winch centrifugal successful bid to propulsion an object, I americium utilizing drawstring arsenic nan statement to propulsion entity I americium attempting to "winch" (air quotations arsenic I americium not utilizing a due winch motor. My task is mini scaled).

The existent accusation I person (from my ain calculations) is:

  1. The entity I americium attempting to "winch" will require a unit of 367.999N
  2. The velocity astatine which I want nan entity to move astatine is 0.39m/s
  3. The torque required to execute this enactment from a centrifugal will beryllium 310.959155N-m
  4. This entity is to beryllium moved complete 0.845 metres

This entity is attached to these wheels and is dangling from these wheels I should adhd which rolls on a difficult integrative rail. The wheels are besides plastic

However I will confess that I americium caller to electrical engineering and physics successful wide but still wanting to decorativeness this task that I person started. Are location immoderate equations aliases imaginable considerations I tin instrumentality that will gauge nan required voltage and RPM of nan DC centrifugal successful bid to gauge really powerful a centrifugal I will request to beryllium capable to "winch" this object? Any and each thief would beryllium appreciated aliases guidance connected areas to study for a amended knowing of what I should do from here.