How to automatically run WINE GUI app after boot? |

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I request tally GUI vino app automatically aft boot, to securityze tally aft unexpected reboot, shutdows, etc...

I americium considering adhd shortcut to "autostart" for GUIs maganers, but it require manually login which is not automatic. When I usage autologin, it seems ok, but still I want to fastener surface aft autologin which tin beryllium information hazard, but one don't care, instrumentality is VPS and protected pinch KVM password, truthful one deliberation it should beryllium ok. Any ideas to make it better?

Major problem: When I group up autologin and autostart, I cannot entree GUI (already logged user) pinch xrdp. It shows blank surface aliases immidietly cull caller RD session.

Any ideas really to tally GUI vino app aft footwear and still person entree GUI entree to nan started app? Should I see VNC access?

PS: I dont for illustration usage autochthonal KVM from hypervisor owed to debased comfortableness using. Thanks for help.