How much force is acting on the screws I used?

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Years agone I built a vertical rack to shop agelong lengths of wood. The rack was built utilizing 2x4" conifer scrap. Imagine a emblematic wall assembly pinch a azygous apical and bottommost "plate" (2x4) held together pinch vertical members spaced astir 2' apart.

My shop is simply a portion wrong a alloy framed storage and I person not measured nan existent gauge of nan alloy members I person attached to (I know, it's an important detail). Because I slapped this point together and wanted to quickly get immoderate wood up and retired of nan measurement I conscionable utilized materials I had astir nan shop which resulted successful my utilizing 5" ledgerlock screws drilled done nan apical sheet of my rack, done nan sheetrock and yet done nan alloy framing members.

Each rack is astir 12' wide and 8' tall. It sits connected nan crushed and is held upright pinch nan ledgerlock screws attaching nan apical sheet to nan wall. Having forgotten my physics lessons from years ago, my mobility is: How overmuch outward unit is being applied to nan screws if, say, 300 pounds of wood is being held 16" distant from nan wall connected each of nan 4 horizontal "shelf" arms.

As I said before, these racks were built years agone and person carried a batch of lumber without fail. I precocious rearranged nan shop and joined 2 of these racks together pinch yet different primitive scrap-built support to transportation moreover longer bits of wood crossed nan 2 rack strategy and complete my jointer. Now that I person substantially much lumber connected each rack and because I activity correct beside them, I decided to deliberation a small much astir nan integrity of nan racks. I'm reasonably assured it will termination maine if nan screws neglect and nan lumber comes crashing down connected my head.