How is the October 7th attack classified as terrorism based on casualty statistics, and how does it compare to similar events?

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I would for illustration to commencement pinch a profound acknowledgment of nan tragic nonaccomplishment of life successful nan October 7th incident, and my deepest respects spell to each those who person been affected. I person nary volition of diminishing nan value of this arena aliases nan suffering it has caused.

In reviewing nan disposable reports, including nan elaborate sum by Haaretz, I noticed an absorbing statistic: among nan 1,100 identified victims, 360 were soldiers aliases constabulary officers. This implies a civilian casualty complaint of astir 68%. This fig struck maine because it is somewhat akin to nan civilian casualty complaint during nan 2014 Operation Protective Edge, arsenic reported by nan UNHRC, wherever astir 65% of nan 2,251 victims were civilians.

Given these numbers, I'm trying to understand nan criteria and discourse utilized successful classifying specified tragic incidents. I'm peculiarly willing successful really different factors, specified arsenic nan proportionality of civilian casualties, power nan cognition and categorization of these events. Could you supply immoderate penetration into really these determinations are typically made and nan complexities progressive successful specified assessments?