How is a political party funded? Solely based on donations less than $3300 (maximum allowed)?

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Where does nan DNC/RNC (or immoderate governmental party) get its money? Is it mostly from individuals donating who want to spot change? If so, are those donations capped astatine $3300 per individual per election?

Or are companies/sponsors allowed to donate limitlessly to governmental parties? In which case, isn't that conscionable blatant bribery? (Goodness knows a institution wouldn't donate galore millions to a governmental statement against their ain interests)

Or are governmental parties for illustration Talent Agencies that return a trim of each politician's "profit", and that's really they survive? Similar to Hololive. In which case, it seems besides for illustration "bribery" (the agency will salary for nan politician, successful return nan leader is their worker that has to make them money and obey their direction)?