How does North Korea appoint its mayors and governors? |

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Local elections person been held since 1999.[16] The group elect representatives to city, county, and provincial people's assemblies in local elections each 4 years.[1] The number of representatives is determined by nan organization of each jurisdiction.[17]

Regarding this, clever clever Andrei Lankov of Kookmin University successful Seoul stated that "They person a dual system: location is simply a mayor/governor, technically elected (but really appointed), and besides location is a city/province statement secretary. It is nan second who has existent power, but mayor/governor tin beryllium important successful immoderate cases arsenic agelong arsenic he knows his due spot and does not situation nan Workers' Party of Korea secretary."[18]

How does North Korea name its mayors and governors? The quote suggests that they are technically elected but really appointed. What does that mean exactly? It sounds for illustration it's saying that North Korea fudges nan number astatine nan extremity while allowing immoderate benignant of elections successful bid to name whomever they chose fit.