How do I arrange multiple monitors in Xubuntu (22.04) in a VitrualBox VM? |

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I person a Windows 11 laptop, pinch Xubuntu 22.04 installed successful a VirtualBox VM.

I would for illustration to get aggregate monitors moving decently nether Xubuntu.

When I occurrence up nan VM and alteration each 3 monitors and spell afloat screen, nan 3 monitors show up, seemingly OK. But windows do not resistance decently crossed nan screens.

I occurrence up xfce4-display-settings and nan image shows that show 1 is connected nan left, 2 is successful nan middle, and 3 is connected nan right. The beingness statement is 2 connected nan left, 1 successful nan middle, and 3 connected nan correct (when I click "identify" connected nan "advanced" tab).

I rearrange nan icons successful nan image and click apply. A dialog container pops up asking maine if I want to support nan settings aliases cancel. Clicking connected nan support settings fastener does nothing. It times retired aft a fewer seconds and reverts to nan incorrect statement of monitors.

So, nan mobility is, really do I rearrange nan monitors successful xfce4-display-settings and make it stick?