How can the US prevent Russia from deploying nukes in orbit/space without starting WW3? |

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NYT reported connected Feb 14:

Officials said that nan caller intelligence, which they did not picture successful detail, raised superior questions astir whether Russia was preparing to wantonness nan Outer Space Treaty of 1967, which bans each orbital atomic weapons. But since Russia does not look adjacent to deploying nan weapon, they said, it is not considered an urgent threat. [...]

ABC News reported earlier that nan intelligence had to do pinch Russian space-based antisatellite atomic weaponry. Current and erstwhile officials said that nan motorboat of nan antisatellite did not look imminent, but that location was a constricted model of time, which they did not define, to forestall its deployment.

Short of shooting it down (or destroying it connected nan ground, earlier launch) and perchance frankincense starting WW3, really tin nan US forestall nan deployment of a specified a limb successful orbit/space by Russia? It's not for illustration they've been peculiarly delicate to [economic] sanctions, frankincense far.