How can Mike Johnson prevent a vote on a Ukraine aid bill, and could he be removed over this? |

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In The Good Republicans’ Last Stand (The Atlantic, 2024-02-12), discussing bills for assistance to Ukraine, David Frum writes

...17 Republican senators joined Democrats to velocity assistance to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan by a filibuster-proof majority. Most observers reckon connected a cross-party mostly successful nan House of Representatives for nan measure to assistance these antiauthoritarian U.S. allies.

Pro-Trump, anti-Ukraine Republicans look to nan Republican House activity to forestall nan measurement from coming to a ballot successful nan House. Speaker Mike Johnson is loyal to Trump and has tilted powerfully against Ukraine complete nan past year. But his clasp connected nan House is weak, and he has been losing important votes.

If a mostly of nan location wants nan measure to travel to a vote, really precisely tin Johnson forestall nan measure from doing so?

And if he does extremity it from coming to a vote, my knowing is that any azygous location member tin force a ballot connected removing him arsenic speaker, astatine which constituent a very fewer Republicans, if irritated enough, could squad up pinch nan Democrats to region him arsenic speaker. Is this really nan case?