How can I connect Bluetooth speakers to Ubuntu Studio 23.10 amd64 |

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I downloaded a caller Ubuntu Studio 23.10, and wanted to effort it earlier I instal it to disk. Reason is that I want to effort if audio worldly useful amended than connected my Debian Trixie installation. Basically, I want to usage BT speakers and headset to perceive to worldly I do successful Ardour.

I ran into 2 issues:

  1. How tin I place to which Bluetooth instrumentality to link to? When scanning devices, nan dialog presents a database of disposable BT devices, but only their MAC addresses.

  2. When I effort to link to each instrumentality successful turn, astir of them neglect and for immoderate a PIN is shown which I request to usage to brace to those devices. Using this procedure, I needed to restart Ubuntu Studio respective times (because aft immoderate devices it wont moreover observe devices anymore) successful bid to find nan Sony Hear-Go BT speaker, conscionable to find retired that a PIN is presented that I person to usage to brace to nan speaker. I tin not participate a PIN connected nan BT speaker and I ne'er had to pinch Debian based systems aliases Windows.

Of people I tin footwear different strategy and constitute down nan MAC addresses, but I ne'er had to do this pinch different systems. And nan instrumentality is connected to Internet via WIFI, conscionable successful lawsuit a lookup is needed to resoluteness MAC addresses to instrumentality names. But this does not look to beryllium nan case.