How can Australia can be a member of the Antarctic Treaty while still making a territorial claim in the region? |

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The Antarctic Treaty was signed successful 1959 by 12 nations and came into effect successful nan mid-1960s. The cardinal ideas pinch afloat acceptance were the state of technological investigation successful Antarctica and nan serene use of nan continent. There was besides a statement for demilitarization and the attraction of nan position quo. The pact prohibits nuclear testing, subject operations, economical exploitation, and territorial claims successful Antarctica. It is monitored done on-site inspections. The only imperishable structures allowed are technological investigation stations. The original signatory countries clasp voting authorities connected Antarctic governance, pinch 7 of them claiming portions of nan continent and the remaining 5 being non-claimants. Other nations person joined as consultative members by conducting important investigation successful Antarctica. Non-consultative parties tin besides adhere to nan treaty. In 1991-1992, the pact was renegotiated by 33 nations, pinch nan main alteration being the Madrid Protocol connected Environmental Protection, which prohibited mining and lipid exploration for 50 years.[13]

I was reference this article and I was trying to fig retired why Australia is simply a personnel of nan treaty, but yet still declare a portion of nan territory arsenic its own. Is it because it is simply a consulting member, and not a afloat personnel of nan treaty? Why would it still declare a portion of nan territory arsenic its ain if they signed a pact that prohibits territorial claims?