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Hi each I americium utilizing Ubuntu 23.10 on broadside windows.

When I restart ubuntu, I americium seeing immoderate process moving like

"[OK] Finished bla bla bla" type messages appeared

But astatine nan end, it came as: "[OK] Started upower.service -Daemon for Power Management.s daemon...rvice.any strategy changes...(timer based)"------(**)

Now I kept nan full night, and it still stays location and not entering into ubuntu.

My try: I pressed CTRL+ALT+DEL,then it rebooted.

I tried betterment mode entranceway of ubuntu, checked each record systems.

Again entered normal boot, again aforesaid point arsenic (**) happens.

I booted to windows, and each is fine.

Also for reference, I americium showing my ubuntu partitions here:

enter image explanation here