Help please accompany to instal Ubuntu 20.04 |

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may beryllium 3rd aliases 5th clip I effort to instal Ubuntu connected disk sanction Toshiba two disk PRTSCREN successful disk management

As accustomed according instruction I insert Uasb pinch Installation Ubuntu 20.04 go to each process - Try Ubuntu > till Head istalation type:list of disk ETAP INSTALATION TYPE and each clip connected this measurement it confuse me. because look notification that process could erase each abstraction connected this disk aliases show maine that it is not partition array aliases that instalator aliases that erase each existing partition but pinch action to reconstruct it... I don t want to proceed because don t want delete connected this disk my information 77 Gigabite. How to instal Ubuntu connected portion where 32.63 Gigabite. and why successful ubuntu this disk is unallocated, but Windows 10 show maine each portion of disk/ may beryllium successful windows imaginable connected 32.62 Giga create partition that Ubuntu recognixe it and let instal ubuntu connected it?