Have Danish authorities made public the scope of their investigation into the Nord Stream sabotage? | pressku.com

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The first reason(s) invoked by German national prosecutors successful opening an investigation into nan Nord Stream sabotage were that

Federal prosecutors are investigating "persons unknown" suspected of "anti-constitutional sabotage" connected nan pipelines arsenic good arsenic "deliberately causing an explosion." [...]

Germany's national prosecutor's agency usually only opens probes into cases that interest nationalist security, specified arsenic panic attacks.

The agency said its engagement successful nan pipeline leaks was justified successful that a "violent onslaught connected nan power proviso could effect nan outer and soul security" of Germany, a spokesperson told news agency AFP.

So nan [rationale for the] German probe does not really dangle connected whether nan onslaught was carried retired from German ungraded (but it turned out that that astir apt happened arsenic well.)

Clearly nan Swedish liking was not arsenic broad/deep, fixed their stated reasons for dropping/ending their prosecutor's investigation:

the superior intent of nan investigation has been to found whether Swedish citizens were progressive successful nan enactment and whether Swedish territory was utilized to transportation retired nan enactment [...]

The Danish probe appears to beryllium conducted by constabulary and intelligence services, alternatively than a prosecutor, but I could beryllium mistaken. Anyway, have nan applicable Danish authorities (that are conducting their investigation[s]) said what is nan scope of nan Danish investigation? (I.e. is it much constricted for illustration Sweden's, relating to intends aliases persons, aliases do they broadly complaint that Danish interests are astatine stake, for illustration Germany did. [Yes, I'm alert nan pipelines extremity successful Germany, not Denmark.])