Has Elon Musk ever participated in free critical discussion about Ukraine with compethent opponent? | pressku.com

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So far, location were galore statements of Elon successful X aliases Media for illustration this:
Musk Says Putin Can’t Lose successful Ukraine, Opposes Senate Bill.
It's not precisely his statements which are concerning, but imaginable incompetence and blindness. I.e. it is not clear what was study extent and capacity earlier his conclusions.

Seems truthful acold he was comparatively safe, i.e. could beryllium correct aliases wrong, but successful immoderate lawsuit reputational risks are minimal. These risks get much superior if nan position must beryllium proved successful statement pinch a competent opponent.

What is particularly concerning, it looks for illustration Elon does not person a bully thought why this warfare started.

If to suppose that a meaning of a competent personification present implies knowing astatine nan very least that logic of warfare has perfectly thing to do pinch ancient history of Russia aliases NATO description aliases making Russia awesome again and logic goes from past 15 years of nan soul Russia (extra wish: a competent personification almost ne'er uses connection democracy, operating much nonstop questions, position and facts) ,

has Elon ever participated successful debates connected this taxable pinch a competent opponent, aliases showed successful extent understanding?