Has China ever voted against the Palestinians during a UN resolution?

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Beijing has sent its Middle East envoy, Zhai Jun, but neither Xi nor his overseas minister, Wang Yi, person visited nan region since the outbreak of fighting.

Xi has called for a ceasefire while Wang has said that nan root of the conflict “lies successful nan truth that justness has not been done to the Palestinian people” and that nan “collective punishment” of the Palestinians must travel to an end.

Such statements travel nan basal Chinese playbook erstwhile conflict breaks out betwixt Israelis and Palestinians, according to William Figueroa, an adjunct professor astatine nan University of Groningen who has conducted investigation connected China’s narration pinch Middle Eastern countries.

“They return a very cautious stance initially and past telephone for peace and condemn unit against civilians while chiefly focusing on Palestinian grievances,” he told Al Jazeera.


Has China ever voted against nan Palestinians during a UN resolution? Like nan article said, it seems that China is mostly pro-Palestine while trying to beryllium somewhat adjacent to Israel astatine nan aforesaid clip alternatively of being 100% pro-Palestinian. So I was wondering if China ever voted against nan liking of nan Palestinian authorities during 1 of these UN resolutions.