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I americium encountering an rumor connected my Linux instrumentality pinch aggregate web interfaces and IP addresses. Specifically, aft releasing nan superior nationalist IP (let's telephone it IP_A) connected nan ens3 interface, DNS solution fails.

Upon investigating, I recovered that nan default route's root IP (via ip route) remains unchanged successful nan routing table. Consequently, DNS queries effort to usage nan outdated root IP (IP_A), starring to a impermanent nonaccomplishment successful sanction resolution.

Phenomenon: After releasing nan superior IP (IP_A), DNS solution fails. However, erstwhile explicitly specifying a root IP (e.g., utilizing ip way alteration default via GATEWAY_IP dev ens3 proto fixed src Unreleased_EIP), DNS solution arsenic expected.

I americium seeking guidance connected really to guarantee due DNS solution aft releasing nan superior nationalist IP. Is location a recommended configuration aliases an automated system to grip this script and update nan default route's root IP accordingly?