Gyroscopic precession

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My mobility is astir a schoolhouse task I americium moving on; a beam tin rotate freely connected nan horizontal axis. If 1 centrifugal (or multiple) is attached acold from nan pivot nan beam should rotate.

I americium trying to do this pinch 2 BLDC motors connected either extremity of nan beam tally by a 7.4 volt 2000 mAh battery. one saw a Veritasium video regarding gyroscopic precession and americium trying to usage that concept. I person utilized 2 motors that rotate successful nan aforesaid guidance hence they are some made to look other directions are shown successful nan image below. nan beam (light successful weight made of PVC) is attached to a shot base astatine nan mediate allowing it to rotate freely. I person tried powering 1 centrifugal and both, tried some bid and parallel configuration(series did not activity arsenic voltage was excessively little), attempted this pinch a modular 9 V artillery and mini coreless motors and, I tried to springiness it a push successful either nonstop arsenic a kickstart a What should I do?Top view Side position / base